Case Study

Cisco Systems centralisation of European call centres
The problem:
Cisco System's European incoming calls were received through individual receptionists in 30 countries. There was no database, or connection between the offices, this meant that if somebody called into Amsterdam and wanted to speak to the reception in London, the receptionist was unable to transfer the call or even supply the correct phone number.

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Outsourcing Services

outsourcing model

Next Steps

The following are some useful points to consider before embarking on your outsourcing project.

Set up a consultation with us to discuss your requirements further and understand how we can help you manage the outsourcing process to find the right supplier, at the right cost in the right location.

Should I Outsource?

The benefits of outsourcing can be substantial. As well as cost savings, there are other gains your business could make. To help you make the decision, consider the following questions:

  • Will outsourcing free up your business to focus on its strengths? This might benefit your business by allowing your staff to concentrate on their main tasks and on the future strategy.
  • Will it improve your efficiency or customer service? Chose an outsourcing company that specialises in the process or service you want them to carry out for you.
  • Will your business gain a competitive advantage? Outsourcing can bring flexibility to a business, turning fixed costs into variable costs and freeing up capital. It can also give your business the edge when adapting to changing market conditions.

Consider your options

It may be tempting to rush into outsourcing, but take the time to think through what you need, set the terms and find the right supplier. Consider the following:

  • What are your core strengths and what are secondary? What processes are you thinking of outsourcing and why?
  • What are the costs of doing it in-house? Include hidden costs such as office space and staff costs.
  • What is the return on investment (ROI)
  • What are the costs of not outsourcing? Will your business suffer because it cannot afford to invest in the expertise or the facilities that an outsourcing partner might provide?

When looking at outsourcing, you should ask yourself:

  • Are you prepared to spend the time and energy required to prepare for the supplier selection, complete a thorough selection process and manage the outsourcing relationship?
  • Are your expectations realistic?
  • Is the function a key task which your business needs to control directly to ensure its future competiveness?
  • Finally, weigh up the risks of outsourcing against those of keeping the process in-house.