Sara Bailey MBA, PMP, MICM

Business Change Management Consultant

"Sara Bailey managed Cisco's European Credit and Collections contributing to Cisco's best in class DSO of 32 days. Sara managed her team to reduce DSO by 12 days by consistently meeting stretch goals.

Sara is an expert in DSO and accounts receivable management. She is a solid business partner and within EMEA finance has been a good team player through her excellent relationship skills."

Etienne Hoepffner,
Vice President,
Cisco Systems EMEA Finance


Sara works with blue chip companies in the private sector as an expert resource to drive results, increase profits and improve cash flow.

Sara is not your typical consultant. She won't bring in a team of ten people and take over your office. She won't write a lengthy report and tell you what you already know.

She keeps it simple and direct and works alongside you and your team to tackle the key issues, in the following four areas:

8 step framework

So who is Sara Bailey? And how can she help you?

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Sara Bailey's career spans 25 years, working in a fast moving and complex international environment in Amsterdam, France, San Francisco, Cambodia and London.

Her 15 years with Cisco Systems Europe included managing $6 billion yearly in accounts receivable, with best in class days to payment of goods of 32 days. Cisco had a revenue growth from $4 billion to $40 billion in this time.

Sara completed her MBA whilst also managing teams of up to 65 people across 30 countries. She then went on to develop her change management and project management skills at Cisco Systems Europe.

During this time, she completed her PMP (Project Management Professional) accreditation. It took 5 years and 7,500 hours of experience leading projects, 175 hours of project management education and a three hour examination to gain this certification, plus on-going education to remain accredited. Sara is a true professional and prides herself on being able to achieve a successful project on time and within budget.

Sara Bailey helps you turn business and functional strategy into realistic and practical actions. If you need help to manage change using a methodical and step-by-step approach, contact Sara to arrange a meeting.