"Sara Bailey managed Cisco's European Credit and Collections contributing to Cisco's best in class DSO of 32 days. Sara managed her team to reduce DSO by 12 days by consistently meeting stretch goals.

Sara is an expert in DSO and accounts receivable management. She is a solid business partner and within EMEA finance has been a good team player through her excellent relationship skills."

Etienne Hoepffner,
Vice President,
Cisco Systems EMEA Finance


Case Study

Cisco Systems scalability of accounts receivable management
The problem:
Cisco's revenues were growing exponentially, $4 billion to $40 billion within 15 years.

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Maximising Cash Flow

You can benefit from Sara's 20 years valuable experience in credit and collections. Her experience includes managing accounts receivable of $6 billion yearly at Cisco Systems Europe and best in class achievements in DSO (days sales outstanding). Sara can help you to:

  • Manage your cash flow from operations in relation to shareholder expectations
    As a result of Sara's focus on DSO management, she contributed to Cisco's share price increase from $7 to $68.
  • Prepare accounts receivable for initial company flotation
    Sara can help you optimise your DSO in readiness for a company flotation. She contributed to Cisco's best in class DSO of 32 days.
  • Significantly improve your company cash flow
    Cisco's cash flow rose quarterly by $4 billion.
  • Accelerate reductions in accounts receivable
    A focus on good goal setting and meeting aggressive targets is an example of how Sara achieved Cisco Europe's reduction in days to pay by 12 days on accounts receivable of $6 billion.
  • Retain and develop your biggest asset – your team
  • Lower your costs of operation and make processes more scalable
    With extensive experience in outsourcing accounts receivable and call centres within Europe. We can work with you to review the best approach for your company.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Today's uncertain economy and increased shareholder and analyst scrutiny are prompting executives to maximise cash flow like never before.

Download our top tips for how you too can improve the management of your accounts receivable.